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4 December 01, 2016

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3. Nefedov S.A.
A Try-Out of the February Revolution?
Number of views: 343      Download in PDF

4. Karataev V.B., Zulfugarzade T.E., Cherkasova N.N.
To the 100th Anniversary of Storming of the Erzerum: the Offensive Operation and Its Significance
Number of views: 260      Download in PDF

5. Dvoretskaya А.P., Zhulaeva А.S., Luschaeva G.M.
Refugees in the Rear Area of the World War I (on Example of Enisey,s State)
Number of views: 268      Download in PDF

6. Kokebayeva G.K., Myrzabekova R.S., Myrzabekov M.S.
The Activities of Community Organizations in Providing Assistance to Prisoners of World War I
Number of views: 275      Download in PDF

7. Kattsina T.A.
“An Attractive Idea of Parochial Boards of Trustees…” (based on the documents from Eastern Siberian dioceses dated 1914–1917)
Number of views: 263      Download in PDF

8. Sulyak S.G., Kazakov V.V.
The Chişinău Diocesan Bulletin as a Source of History of North American Rus’
Number of views: 251      Download in PDF

9. Florinskiy M.F., Yanchenko D.G.
The Finance of Russia and Extraordinary Powers of the Government in 1906–1914
Number of views: 259      Download in PDF

10. Mankov A.V., Mineeva E.K., Mineev A.I., Shaypak L.A.
The Revolutionary Terrorism of Socialist – Revolutionaries: Tactics, Organizations and Practice
Number of views: 267      Download in PDF

11. Belentsov S. I., Fakhrutdinova A.V., Kuznetsova A.A.
The Military Training of Students in Germany in the Early XX century
Number of views: 249      Download in PDF

12. Akhmetova U., Muktar A., Nurmanova A.
The Historical and Ethnographical Research on Kazakhstan done by Foreign Scientists of XIX–XX Centuries: the Case of J.A. Castagné’s Studies
Number of views: 336      Download in PDF

13. Dvoretskiy E.V., Shevchenko O.V., Semenov M.Y.
Liberalism as a Cultural Phenomenon of Russian Provincial Life of the Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries (according to Voronezh province)
Number of views: 243      Download in PDF

14. Belousov S.V., Sukhova O.A., Jagov O.V.
«Giant child covered by the Upturn»: Memoirs of Napoleon's Army Prisoners about the Formation of the Ethnic Identity of the Peoples of the Volga
Number of views: 253      Download in PDF

15. Valitov A.А., Dianov S.A., Sulimov V.S.
The Visiting of the Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich the Tobolsk city in 1891
Number of views: 242      Download in PDF

16. Kantimirova R.I., Pavlova O.S.
The Socio-cultural Characteristics of Zemstvo District Heads in Ufa Province at the Late of XIX – the Beginning of XX Centuries
Number of views: 234      Download in PDF

17. Brusnitsyna D.V.
The Loggings in the Borderland of Olonets Guberniya: Volume and the Role in Local inhabitants life (the end of the 19th — the beginning of the 20th centuries)
Number of views: 249      Download in PDF

18. Norkina E.S.
To the History of the Armenian Education in Russian Schools of the Caucasus in the late XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 256      Download in PDF

19. Bogdanov S., Ostapuk V.
Reforms and Cases of Suicide in Russia (Suicidal Activity of Saint Petersburg Population in the second half of XIX Century: Proportions, Trends and Distinctive Features)
Number of views: 231      Download in PDF

20. Gvarliani T.E., Balaniuk L.L., Varfolomeev A.G.
Terek Area in the Post-Reform Period (1870–1880 years): the Internal Structure and Demography
Number of views: 252      Download in PDF

21. Klevtsova O.V., Zhirov N.A.
The Primary Education in Post-reform Russian Village (on Materials of Eletski County Orel Province)
Number of views: 225      Download in PDF

22. Tuman-Nikiforova I.O., Fedorchenko V.I., Pashina N.V., Krylov I.I.
The Evolution of the Political Activity of the Guild Merchants of Yenisei province (second half of XIX – early XX centuries)
Number of views: 249      Download in PDF

23. Shestakov S., Kasimov R.
The Idea of Local Civilizations in Russian Historiosophy in the middle of XIX – beginning of XX centuries. Conservative and Liberal Aspects
Number of views: 248      Download in PDF

24. Urushadze A.T., Krinko E.F., Chelpanova D.D., Iosko A.A.
The Protest Movement in the North Caucasus in the second half of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries: Causes, Character, Significance
Number of views: 307      Download in PDF

25. Smigel M., Cherkasov A.A.
The Slavery in Circassia and the United States (1850–1860-ies years): General and Special
Number of views: 270      Download in PDF

26. Badmaeva E.N.
The Peasant-migrants from the Land-poor Russian Regions in Kalmykia in the XIX – the first half of XX centuries
Number of views: 256      Download in PDF

27. Zaikov K.S.
The History of the Northern Frontier Delimitation (1822–1826) in the Light of the Russian and European Historiography: the Interpretation and Perceptual Problems
Number of views: 294      Download in PDF

28. Naumenko E.A.
The Technologies of Lie in Local Cultures of Western Siberia
Number of views: 270      Download in PDF

29. Tsibenko V.V.
The War which was not: Russian, Turkish and Western Historiography on the North-Western Caucasus of the 19th Century
Number of views: 344      Download in PDF

30. Kolesov V.I.
The Ubykh`s Social Typology
Number of views: 276      Download in PDF

31. Golovanova O.I.
The Tyumen County in the Period of People's Movement under Yemelyan Pugachev's Leadership 1773–1775
Number of views: 266      Download in PDF

32. Kryvosheia I.I., Degtyarev S.I.
The Incorporation of Bunchukovogo Partnership in Part of Service and Social Elite of the Russian Empire in the last third of the XVIII century
Number of views: 256      Download in PDF

33. Malygina O.A., Evtehov R.A., Palikova T.V.
The Formation of Imperial Institutes of Governance in Trans-Baikal Transborder Area: Problems of Development of New Territories (XVIII – early XX centuries)
Number of views: 274      Download in PDF

34. Popa C.I.
Between Vienna and Moscow: the Protopope and the General Vicar Nicolae Pop Balomiri (c. 1700 to c. 1764)
Number of views: 281      Download in PDF

35. Naumenko O.N.
The Historical Destiny of the Romanovs in the Evolution of the Tobolsk Prison Castle
Number of views: 293      Download in PDF

36. Bobrov L.A., Salnikov A.V.
Helmet "tang" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, United States). Features of Construction, Design and Operational Use
Number of views: 288      Download in PDF

Articles and Statements

37. Ulanov M.S., Badmaev V.N., Matsakova N.P.
Buddhism and Legal Tradition in Mongolia
Number of views: 730      Download in PDF

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