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3 September 19, 2015

Articles and Statements

1. Alexander Kim
Gao Mouhan in the History of Liao Empire And Koryo Kingdom
Number of views: 563      Download in PDF

2. Evgeny V. Vodyasov, Olga V. Zaitceva
The Appearance and Development of Iron Production on the Border Between the «Steppe» and «Taiga» Cultural Worlds in Western Siberia (Tomsk Ob Region)
Number of views: 540      Download in PDF

3. Larisa V. Tataurova, Anna A. Krikh
The Life Support System of the Siberian Village Anan'ino in XVII–XVIII Centuries (Archaeological and Written Sources)
Number of views: 503      Download in PDF

4. Konstantin D. Bugrov
Russia’s Territorial Size as a Concept for Domestic Politics: Territory, Military Strength and Form of Government in 18th century Russian Political Thought
Number of views: 475      Download in PDF

5. Igor A. Serdiuk
Childhood and its Age Limits in Society of Getmanat in the XVIII Century
Number of views: 443      Download in PDF

6. Andrej V. Keller
«Raison d'etat» and «private interest» in Russia in the late 18th century – early 19th century: the example of A. Knauf at metall industry in the Urals, 1797–1830
Number of views: 480      Download in PDF

7. Vladislav I. Goldin, Konstantin S. Zaikov, Aleksandr M. Tamitskiy
Sami in the History of the Norwegian-Russian Borderland: Factor of Tension or Regional Integration?
Number of views: 698      Download in PDF

8. Vladimir B. Karataev, Alexey A. Volvenko, Alexander G. Varfolomeev
The Fight Against Emissaries across the Black Sea Coastline Area (1834–1847 years)
Number of views: 454      Download in PDF

9. Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Elena S. Ustinovich, Nina I. Kryukova, Violetta S. Molchanova
The Moving of the Ubykhs to the Russian Service as a Result of the Peace Initiatives in the First Half of the 1840s Years
Number of views: 501      Download in PDF

10. Dmitrii V. Timofeev
Scripts liberation of Peasants in Russia in the First Quarter of the XIX-th Century in the Reflection of Rumors, Petitions and Noble Projects
Number of views: 471      Download in PDF

11. Alexander А. Valitov, Igor S. Tomilov, Sergey А. Dianov, Darya Iu. Fedotova
Visit of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Western Siberia as a Part of the Ritual Legitimization of the Ruling Romanov Dynasty
Number of views: 468      Download in PDF

12. Alexander Yu. Davidov
Social Roles of Prince A.I. Vasilchikov: was it Possible to Combine Russians “Gumption” with “Economic Virtues”?
Number of views: 533      Download in PDF

13. Lilia Vinokurova, Viktoria Filippova, Alexander Suleymanov, Stepan Grigorev
Rural Yakutia in the Late of XIX – XX Centuries: Traditional Economy in the Mirror of Time
Number of views: 536      Download in PDF

14. Gulnar K. Mukanova
Russian Сonsuls in Xinjiang: Legislative Initiatives at the Turn of XIX–XX Centuries
Number of views: 469      Download in PDF

15. Valery V. Tsys
Barter Trade in North Western Siberia in the Late of 19th - Early 20th Centuries
Number of views: 476      Download in PDF

16. Boris N. Mironov
Russia and the West: «Different Time Zones»
Number of views: 516      Download in PDF

17. Vladimir N. Shaidurov, Ekaterina S. Norkina
Law, Imperial Bureaucracy and Russian Jews Beyond the Pale of Settlement in 19 – Beginning of the 20th Centuries
Number of views: 488      Download in PDF

18. Andrey Yu. Mikhailov
The Secularization of Russian Orthodoxy in the Late Russian Empire, 1860–1910: the Indoctrination and De-Institutionalization (Problem Statement)
Number of views: 511      Download in PDF

19. Oxana P. Kolomiets
The Archival Sources for the Histoty of the Liquorstrade in the North-East of Russia in the Late XIX – Early XX Centuries (Funds of the National Archives of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Number of views: 488      Download in PDF

20. Branislav Šprocha, Pavol Tišliar
The Fertility of Women in the Primary Sector in Slovakia According to Censuses Conducted Between 1900 and 2001 years
Number of views: 436      Download in PDF

21. Tatiana A. Kattsina
The Organization of Social Support of the Population of Siberia in the Years of Russian-Japanese War (1904–1905)
Number of views: 505      Download in PDF

22. Konstantin V. Taran, Nina I. Kryukova
The Suburbs During the First Russian Revolution of 1905–1907 Years (on the Example of Tuapse District of the Black Sea Province)
Number of views: 508      Download in PDF

23. Oleg E. Chuikov, Alexey V. Sapronov, Jeanne Y. Koptev, Galina N. Sukhorukova, Olga N. Margаnovа
The Activities of Political Parties on the Territory of Kursk Province in the Early Twentieth Century
Number of views: 613      Download in PDF

24. Elena G. Lapshina, Larisa A. Koroleva
Key Figures of the Russian Vanguard: Historical Roots
Number of views: 551      Download in PDF

25. Tatiana А. Titova, Vadim E. Kozlov, Elena G. Guschina
"Research in Natural Historical Value of East Region of Russia and Siberia": a Role of Society of Scientists at the Kazan University in Development of Ethnography in the First Quarter of the XX Century
Number of views: 558      Download in PDF

26. Anvar M. Mamadaliev, Svetlana V. Shevelyova, Margarita N. Urda
Power and Society: the Activities of the Novorossiysk Detective Department in 1912 year
Number of views: 526      Download in PDF

27. Olesya M. Dolidovich
Public Self-Government of Krasnoyarsk City in the Fight Against Food Crisis During World War I
Number of views: 479      Download in PDF

28. Lyubov G. Polyakova, Lyudmila G. Zimovets, Leonid L. Balaniuk
To the Issue of Gendarme Activities on the Territory of Black Sea Province During the First World War (1914–1917 years)
Number of views: 484      Download in PDF

29. Elena Y. Leontyeva, Nikolai A. Bolotov, Yuriy F. Boldirev
Rear Daily Tsaritsyn County in the First Months of the Great War
Number of views: 437      Download in PDF

30. Kamil G. Akhsanov
The Problem of the Entry of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War From the Point of View of Russian And Turkish Historians
Number of views: 469      Download in PDF

31. Vasilii A. Sablin
Food Policy of White Power in the European North of Russia in the 1918–1920 Years
Number of views: 471      Download in PDF

32. Mihail Y. Krapivin, Yury N. Makarov
The 6th branch of the Secret Department of the Аll-Russian Extraordinary Commission (the work with churchmen and sectarians): questions on organizational and personnel policy»
Number of views: 443      Download in PDF

33. Timur M. Karmov, Vladimir B. Lobanov
The Relationship of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the Terek-Dagestan Region AFSR, 1919–1920: a Modern View
Number of views: 529      Download in PDF

34. Viktor M. Kononenko, Yekaterina A. Forzun, Yekaterina A. Muravskaya, Valentina V. Bykova
The Library as a Socio-Cultural Space of Soviet Kuban (1920s Years)
Number of views: 504      Download in PDF

35. Anna V. Akhmetova, Sergej V. Bobyshev
Modernization of Ethnocultural Processes in the National Areas of the Far East (1920s – 1930s years)
Number of views: 429      Download in PDF

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Number of views: 1705      Download in PDF

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