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Number 1. (in 1 part) December 01, 2014


1. Andrey Dvornichenko
Old Russian Politogenesis in German Historiography
Number of views: 745      Download in PDF


2. Alexander A. Kim
Silla Policy in the War between Bohai and Tang Empire in 732–735
Number of views: 743      Download in PDF

3. Olga V. Zaitceva, Evgeny V. Vodyasov
Spread of Islam in the North-Eastern Periphery of the Golden Horde in the Light of New Archaeological Evidence
Number of views: 822      Download in PDF

4. Yakov G. Solodkin
Glimpse of the Early History of the Russian Accession of Siberia (controversial interpretations of “Yermak’s Seizure” of “Kuchum’s Kingdom”)
Number of views: 666      Download in PDF

5. Natalia V. Lebedeva, Nelly G. Makarenko
Property Crimes in Russia (1700–1864): law Enforcement Practice
Number of views: 740      Download in PDF

6. Pavel N. Biriukov
Development of the Kuril Islands by the Russian Empire
Number of views: 786      Download in PDF

7. Alexander V. Dmitrijev
Revisiting Linguistic and Topographical Principles of Russia’s Mapping in the XVIIIth Century: Critical Overview of Documents
Number of views: 579      Download in PDF

8. Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Vyacheslav I. Menkovsky, Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Aleksandr A. Ryabtsev, Violetta S. Molchanova, Olga V. Natolochnaya
The North Black Sea Region (the 18th-19th Centuries): A Historiographical Survey
Number of views: 645      Download in PDF

9. Tatyana Shishkareva
Public Sentences by Peasants of Kursk Province in the Post-reform Period as a Source of the Activities of Peasant Public Administration
Number of views: 593      Download in PDF

10. Yulia A. Martynova, Dmitry E. Martynov
Nikolai Katanov in China: Unpublished Travel Diaries
Number of views: 830      Download in PDF

11. Sergey I. Degtyarev
The History of Bureaucracy of the Russian Empire in the Russian Historiography of XIX – Early XХ Century
Number of views: 787      Download in PDF

12. Inga V. Maslova, Irina E. Krapotkina
Nationhood and Political Identity in Peoples’ Mentality from Provincial Towns of the Russian Empire, in XIX – early ХХ Centuries
Number of views: 568      Download in PDF

13. Yelena D. Mikhailova
Preconditions and Reasons of Religions Educational and Missionary Activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Number of views: 581      Download in PDF

14. Vyacheslav V. Shevtsov
Legal Status of the Official Provincial Print Media in the Periodical Press System of the Russian Empire
Number of views: 558      Download in PDF

15. Konstantin V. Taran
The Everyday Life of the Mounted Police Guard Force in the Territory of the Black Sea Governorate (1901–1909)
Number of views: 581      Download in PDF

16. Alla N. Gutorova
History of Origin of the Multiparty System in the Central Black Earth of Russia in Early XX Century
Number of views: 616      Download in PDF

17. Evgeny A. Rostovtsev, Dmitry A. Barinov
Capital University and the World War: Theory and Practice of ‘Academic Patriotism’
Number of views: 641      Download in PDF

18. Irina V. Voloshinova
The Program of Activities and Objectives of the Resettlement Administration During the First World War
Number of views: 542      Download in PDF

19. Sergei A. Nekrylov, Sergey F. Fominykh, Alexander N. Sorokin
Professors and Teaching Staff of Tomsk University During the World War I
Number of views: 602      Download in PDF

20. Olga B. Belikova
The Last Expedition of the Siberian A.V. Adrianov (Tuva, 1915–1916)
Number of views: 779      Download in PDF

21. Vladimir V. Korovin
Gas Attack of the German Troops in Ikskyulsky Fortified Area: Documents Testify
Number of views: 690      Download in PDF

22. Andrey A. Kolupaev
The Development of Peasant Household in the Kursk Province during the Revolutionary Events of 1917 and the Civil War
Number of views: 631      Download in PDF

23. Osman A. Zhansitov
Kabardian Nobility in the Civil War: the Matter of Estate Honor
Number of views: 703      Download in PDF

24. Evgeny F. Krinko, Igor E. Tatarinov
«We Are Russia and You Are Ukraine and We Don’t Care about You...": Territorial Disputes within the Priazov Area and Donbas in 1920s
Number of views: 665      Download in PDF

25. Mihail Yu. Krapivin, Yury N. Makarov
«Indispensable for the Work in Terms of the Decree of Separation of Church and State»: documentary portrait of M.V. Galkin (1885–1948)
Number of views: 641      Download in PDF

26. Vadim P. Nikolashin, Vadim V. Kulachkov
Reading Rooms of Russian Province in 1920s as Transmitters of Soviet Values
Number of views: 573      Download in PDF

27. Susanna D. Bagdasaryan
Research Practice the Study of Agrarian Communities in the Russia’s South 1920s–1930s
Number of views: 560      Download in PDF

28. Pavel N. Biriukov
The Kuril Islands: Russian-Japanese Relations (1920–2014)
Number of views: 717      Download in PDF

29. Dmitry V. Khaminov
History and Historians in the Soviet Political and Ideological Structure in 1930s – early 1940s (case study: the Siberian Region)
Number of views: 580      Download in PDF

30. Sergey I. Belov
Illegal Actions by Soviet Servicemen Against Civilian Population of Poland in the Final Stage of World War II
Number of views: 643      Download in PDF

31. Konstantin N. Maksimov, Irina V. Lidzhieva
Repressive Policy of the Soviet Government During World War II
Number of views: 706      Download in PDF

32. Elena E. Dutchak
Orthodox Tradition in the Soviet Time: Factors of Continuity
Number of views: 594      Download in PDF

33. Larisa A. Koroleva, Alexey A. Korolev, Victor V. Zinchenko
Sectarians in the USSR in the 1940–1960s (case study: Penza region)
Number of views: 700      Download in PDF

34. Mikhail Beznin, Tatiana Dimoni
Interclass Relations and the Class Struggle in a Russian Village in 1930–1980s
Number of views: 571      Download in PDF

35. Yulia N. Kirichenko
Historic and Legal Review on Passport Reform of 1974 and its Role in Strengthening of the USSR Public Order
Number of views: 610      Download in PDF

36. Sergey G. Sulyak, Vladimir V. Kazakov
Nationalities and Languages of Moldavia: Official and Declared Data
Number of views: 745      Download in PDF

37. Timur A. Magsumov
Main Approaches to the Study of Historical and Educational Process
Number of views: 577      Download in PDF

38. Stepan S. Sulakshin, Vardan E. Bagdasaryan
The World History Based on Value Criteria of Human Development
Number of views: 582      Download in PDF

Russian Historical Journal “Bylye Gody” publications for 2014
Number of views: 981      Download in PDF

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