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Number 1. (in 1 part) June 18, 2014


1. Asiet Yu. Shadzhe, Ludmila R. Khut, Elena S. Kukva
Russian North Caucasus: Historical Memory vs Historical Policy
Number of views: 1037      Download in PDF


2. Alexander P. Abramov
Cadet Education in the Imperial Russia: Genesis, Dialectics and the Role in Social Structure of the Society
Number of views: 753      Download in PDF

3. Sergej I. Belov
Wrongful Actions of the German Armed Forces Against the Civilian Population of Germany in the Final Stages of World War II
Number of views: 806      Download in PDF

4. Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Michal Šmigeľ, Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Aleksandr A. Ryabtsev, Violetta S. Molchanova
Hillmen of the Black Sea Province (Early XIX Century): Geography, Demography, Antropology
Number of views: 751      Download in PDF

5. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Violations of Law in the Bureaucrats Community and Their Perception by the Ukrainian and Russian People in the Late XVIII – First Half of XIX Centuries
Number of views: 797      Download in PDF

6. Pavel V. Fedorov
Murman Coast of the Barents Sea at the Second Half of the 19th and the Begining 20th Century. Russian or European Colonization?
Number of views: 740      Download in PDF

7. Natalia Ye. Goryushkina
‘Distillation is the East Indies of Our Nobility’: Organization of Distilling by the Nobility Before and After the Wine Reform of 1863
Number of views: 817      Download in PDF

8. Almaz M. Ismailova
Operation and Activity of Moneyed Corporations in Baku and Tiflis Provinces (Last Quarter of XIX – Late XX Centuries)
Number of views: 784      Download in PDF

9. Tatiana A. Kattсina, Lyudmila E. Marinenko
Structure and Resources of Professional Economic Education in Siberia of the Early 1920s
Number of views: 669      Download in PDF

10. Natalya V. Kartamysheva
The History of Personal Insurance in 1920s (Kursk Province Case Study)
Number of views: 668      Download in PDF

11. Gulzhaukhar K. Kokebayeva
Agitation and Propagandistic Work in Soviet POW Camps
Number of views: 750      Download in PDF

12. Larisa A. Koroleva, Oleg V. Melnichenko, Victor V. Zinchenko, Natalya V. Miku
The Russian Orthodox and Catholic Church in 1980 – the 1990th Years: to History of Relationship
Number of views: 642      Download in PDF

13. Larisa A. Koroleva, Alexey A. Korolev, Victor V. Zinchenko
Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bubekin and Penza Region
Number of views: 747      Download in PDF

14. Irina N. Markaryan
Historical Way of Sochi Development: From Resort to Olympic Games Host City
Number of views: 752      Download in PDF

15. Nicholas W. Mitiukov
Innovations of Spanish Shipbuilding of the Regency's period
Number of views: 782      Download in PDF

16. Sergey А. Nefedov
Measuring the Famine: Consumption Level in 1933
Number of views: 695      Download in PDF

17. Oleg V. Semenov
Community Organization of Siberian Coachmen in Late XVI – XVII Centuries
Number of views: 675      Download in PDF

18. Vladimir N. Shaidurov
Jews and Their Social Status in the Society of Siberia in XIX Century
Number of views: 711      Download in PDF

19. Vladimir N. Shiadurov
Siberian Polonius as a Result of National Policy of the First Half of the XIX Century
Number of views: 745      Download in PDF

20. Elena S. Shavlоkhova
Adats and Their Influence on the Social Structure and Legal Relations in the Community of Highland Peoples in Late XIX Century
Number of views: 688      Download in PDF

21. Alexander N. Sorokin
The Integration of Science, Higher Education and Economy as a Factor of Recovery and Modernization of Soviet National Economy During the First Post-WWII Decades (Case Study of the Activity of the Siberian Physical-Technical Institute (1945-1954))
Number of views: 709      Download in PDF

22. Nadezhda V. Tarasova, Elena A. Nikitina, Olga V. Chernishova, Tatiana V. Letapurs, Svetlana V. Dumina
Civil and Patriotic Education of Students by Means of Excursion Activities in Russia in the Second Half of XIX – Early XX Centuries
Number of views: 693      Download in PDF

23. Pavol Tisliar
Population Censuses in Slovakia between 1919–1940
Number of views: 811      Download in PDF

24. Irina V. Voloshinova
Foundation of the Colonization Institute in the USSR
Number of views: 704      Download in PDF

25. Taisija V. Yudina, Vladimir V. Bulatov, Ekaterina L. Furman
Japanese in the Russian Far East (1900s – early 1930s): Manpower problem on Kamchatka and Northern Sakhalin
Number of views: 869      Download in PDF

26. Vasiliy P. Zinovyev
Differentiation of Siberian Miners’ Salaries in Late XIX – Early XX Centuries
Number of views: 733      Download in PDF

full number
Number of views: 2615      Download in PDF

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