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Number 1. (in 1 part) March 21, 2014


1. Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Michal Šmigeľ, Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Aleksandr A. Ryabtsev, Violetta S. Molchanova
Interaction of the Russian State and Terek Cossacks: Mechanisms and Results (XVIII–XIX Centuries)
Number of views: 1055      Download in PDF


2. Anna V. Akhmetova
Problems in Creating Written Language for the Small Native Peoples of the Far East in the Second Half of the 1920s – 1930s
Number of views: 951      Download in PDF

3. Sergey I. Belentsov
The Main Lines in Social and Civil Education in the Russian Pedagogics and School of the Late XIX – Early XX Centuries
Number of views: 860      Download in PDF

4. Sergej I. Belov
Problematic Aspects in Studying the Battle of the 28 Panfilov Division Soldiers
Number of views: 990      Download in PDF

5. Olesya M. Dolidovich
“Can it be a Rehearsal before a Wider Participation in the Social Activities?”: Women’s Committees of the Yenisey Province in Wars of the Early XX Century
Number of views: 803      Download in PDF

6. Elena E. Dutchak
Confessional and Economic Nature of the Old Believers’ Hermitage (Late XIX – Early XX Centuries)
Number of views: 804      Download in PDF

7. Tatiana V. Gryaznukhina, Alexander G. Gryaznukhin
Triumph and Tragedy of People’s Commissar A.V. Lunacharsky
Number of views: 848      Download in PDF

8. Tatyana P. Hlynina
Tales of War: Childhood Memories of Elderly People
Number of views: 781      Download in PDF

9. Agnessa O. Inshakova, Svetlana Y. Kazachenok
Gradual Genesis of the Institute of Arbitration Agreement: From Ancient Civilizations to Our Days
Number of views: 906      Download in PDF

10. Tatiana A. Kattsina
The Siberians in Voluntary Associations Brought to Life by the Needs of the First World War
Number of views: 689      Download in PDF

11. Aleksey V. Korobeinikov, Nikolay V. Mitiukov, Yuliya V. Ganzy
Accuracy of Manufacturing the Scythian Arrow and Its Influence on the Arrow’s Ballistic Parameters
Number of views: 808      Download in PDF

12. Olga G. Larina, Alexey S. Emelyanov
State Activities and Personal Relationship between Nikolai I and Ye. F. Kankrin
Number of views: 740      Download in PDF

13. Olga G. Larina, Vladimir N. Shaidurov
Some Directions in State Activities of Ye. F. Kankrin
Number of views: 716      Download in PDF

14. Gulnar K. Mukanova
The Kazakh Expatriate Community of the ХХ Century through the Prism of Diplomacy
Number of views: 841      Download in PDF

15. Vasily P. Pashin
On the Sources of Establishment-selective Work of the Bolshevik Party
Number of views: 744      Download in PDF

16. Nataliya А. Pipchenko
Influence of the Arab Spring Events on International Political Processes: Expert Opinion
Number of views: 771      Download in PDF

17. Elmira I. Safiullina
The Role of the Emperor’s University of Kazan in the History of Formation of Tatar Musical Ethnography (XIX – Early ХХ Century)
Number of views: 881      Download in PDF

18. Jurij V. Tot
Ministerial Reform of 1802–1811 and the Problem of Reorganizing the Local Government
Number of views: 1576      Download in PDF

19. Alan T. Tsarikaev
“Execution Limits”: from the History of Big Terror in North Ossetia
Number of views: 887      Download in PDF

20. Vasiliy P. Zinovyev
Forms of Wages for Miners of Siberia in the Late XIX – Early XX Centuries
Number of views: 938      Download in PDF

21. Viktor B. Zvagelskyi
“You’re behind Shelomian” (Realities of “The Tale of Igor's Campaign” Revisited)
Number of views: 910      Download in PDF

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