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Number 1. (in 1 part) September 09, 2013


1. Aleksandr Cherkasov, Michal Šmigeľ
Vlasovites and Policemen as a Phenomenon in the Great Patriotic War Period through the Eyes of The Workers and Peasants' Red Army Fighters
Number of views: 906      Download in PDF


2. Anatoly I. Narezhny, Vladimir P. Trut
German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact of 1939: Debating Issues
Number of views: 955      Download in PDF

3. Nikolai A. Slobodyanyuk
Jews in Kiev Underground (1941-1943)
Number of views: 1093      Download in PDF

4. Dmitrii N. Titarenko
Holidays, Celebrations and Memorable Dates in the Life of Ukraine Population during Nazi Occupation (Military Administration Zone)
Number of views: 766      Download in PDF

5. Sergey F. Fominikh, Alexander Sorokin
Tomsk Committee of Scientists during the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945)
Number of views: 907      Download in PDF

6. Albina S. Zhanbosinova
Open Pages of the Great Patriotic War History in Kazakhstan
Number of views: 1049      Download in PDF

7. Vasiliy P. Zinov'ev
Rear for the Frontline: History of Mine Plant in Chekist Poselok (Settlement)
Number of views: 820      Download in PDF

8. Vladimir V. Zaparii, Vasilii V. Zaparii
Modernization of the Ural Metallurgy during the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945)
Number of views: 788      Download in PDF

9. Evgeny F. Krinko
Faith and Superstitions in the Frontline and in the Rear in Wartime (1941-1945)
Number of views: 918      Download in PDF

10. Tat'yana P. Khlynina
Living Space and Its Arrangement in Wartime (The second article)
Number of views: 792      Download in PDF

11. Aleksandra Cherkasski, Leonid Terushkin
Soviet Jewish Community Strategies, Concerning Memory Perpetuation (Erection of Memorials to Jews-Fascism Victims Case Study)
Number of views: 930      Download in PDF


12. Elena S. Senyavskaya
“These Are Our Legal Trophies…” The System of Parcel Freight Organization from the Red Army in the Field in 1945 on the Basis of Declassified Archive Documents
Number of views: 788      Download in PDF


13. Ivan V. Petrov
The problem of Lithuanian-Belorussian Orthodox Autocephaly at the Beginning of World War II (1939-1940)
Number of views: 912      Download in PDF

14. Oleg V. Ratushnyak
The Third Reich and the Cossacks: Relations during the World War II
Number of views: 873      Download in PDF


15. Dmitrii A. Malyutin, Aleksandr G. Gryaznukhin, Larisa F. Malyutina
Review of Collection of Documents “Krasnoyarsk Region during the Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945 (On the documents by Archive Agency of Krasnoyarsk Region, 2010. 497 p.)”
Number of views: 864      Download in PDF

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Number of views: 2078      Download in PDF

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